Dear visitor, I hope you find in this site something that pleases you. I distributed the content pages in four sections:

Guitar (Clįssic)

In this section I include my transcriptions of classical musics to guitar. The score of each arrangement is in a PDF File and can be printed. Each PDF File has a companion MIDI File generated by the score which can be played, for instance by the Windows Media Player, while you read the score. For each music I insert commentaries about the arrangement, the composer or the music.

Guitar (Popular)

This section is analogous to the preceding one, and is dedicated to popular music.


Section reserved for computer programs which can be downloaded. Instructions for instalation and examples are given for each program. The language is english execept in the Help files.


The Texts are of mathematical nature and are of three kinds.
The Notes are small texts in which a theme is elaborated and can contain original portions.
The Didactical Texts, as the name suggests, serve for individual use or as support for a course.
The Original Texts are the result from research.

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