Loyalty Waltz

Valsa de H. B. Blanke (? - ?)

Observação sobre o compasso 22 do arranjo: a partitura do arranjo indica La na quarta corda com o quarto dedo, Fa na segunda corda com o terceiro dedo e SOL na primeira corda com o primeiro dedo. Com a posição normal do braço e da mão esquerdos fica difícil executar esse acorde. Para torna-lo possível, até com conforto, aproximar o cotovelo do corpo e deixar o polegar paralelo ao braço do violão. Os compassos 38, 54 e 70 são repetições do mesmo.

Trechos extraídos do site: http://parlorsongs.com/issues/2005-9/thismonth/feature.php

“By 1918, America had entered the war and we had troops in France fighting for our allies against the Kaiser and his army. During this period, America's music was almost entirely focused on war tunes or war related issues and even works without lyrics were named or contained images related to the war. In this case, we have a waltz that is simply named and carries an image of Joan of Arc carrying the flag of France.”
“I've found little about H. B. Blanke other than a few miscellaneous other titles including Cubanola (1913), Franceska Waltzes (1902), Lazarre Waltzes (1901), My Lady of the North Waltzes (1904), Peggy O'Neil Waltzes (1903), Under The Rose Waltzes (1903) and one song, When the Mocking Birds are Singing in the Wildwood with lyricist Arthur J. Lamb in 1906. One of our alert readers has contacted us and noted that Blanke is most likely Henriette Blanke-Belcher who also wrote the waltz Marsovia in 1908.”

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